Copy trading began to be popularized quite recently when more and more people became interested in cryptocurrencies and stock trading. For those who are not quite experienced or want to make money from their audience, this article will explain about this topic.

To start making money in financial markets, you need some basic knowledge and consult with a trusted Forex Copy Trading Provider in South Africa. However, today there are quite a lot of newcomers coming to trading and investing who want to immediately make successful transactions, and plan to learn and gain experience during the trading process.

 Today we'll talk about what advantages this tool has.

The concept of copy trading

Copy trading is the automatic copying of other people's transactions using copy services, without the direct participation of the trader. All you need to do is integrate such a service with your trading terminal, top up your deposit, and select the strategy you want to copy. It is also possible to set a copy coefficient that regulates the volume of copied positions or to exclude assets that the trader does not want to open transactions with.

How does Forex copy trading work?

Forex copy trading is when- a person chooses a trader and enters into the same transactions in the same position. You don't have to think at all and completely entrust your balance to the trader. If a special tool is used on an exchange or different sites, then it is configured only once, after which transactions will be automatically copied until the available deposit runs out. Exit from transactions can be either together with the trader or according to your own specified parameters.

What is the essence of this approach?

The approach consists of the following steps:

  • Find and sign up for a professional trader who is fully aligned with your goals. The following aspects should be taken into account: the number of subscribers, trading statistics, profit, risk level, return on initial investment, and other factors.
  • Determination of the investment budget. Remember that your investment should not interfere with your daily life. Decide how much you are willing to invest. Experts recommend following several successful traders and dividing the investment budget between at least 2-3 traders.
  • Selecting preferred CT mechanisms. Some traders open and close trades manually using signals. Other investors prefer to automate the process. Semi-automatic mode is also available.
  • Invest more when results meet expectations. In case of losses, you need to conduct an analysis and select other traders whose transactions you will copy.

Should newbies to the market use copy trading?

Even experienced traders have an ambiguous attitude towards copy trading. It has some obvious advantages:

  • The opportunity to start making a profit from trading in financial markets with minimal knowledge and preparation.
  • A wide selection of traders offering their services and the strategies and trading systems they use.
  • Complete freedom in conducting transactions. You can change volumes, set up filters and periods for copying, and use reverse copying. At any time, copy trading can be disabled and open transactions can be completed independently.
  • The trader does not have to carry out market analysis to determine the moments of opening and closing positions, does not follow the news background, and does not even have to accompany the opening of a position, since trading is possible in a fully automatic mode.
  • The ability to use data from several traders simultaneously in trading. The correct selection of signal sources makes it possible to deeply diversify risks.

Benefits of Forex Copy Trading

Among the main advantages of Forex copy trading are:

1. Save time- Copy trading allows you to carry out operations on the market even in the absence of time. Transactions are copied automatically. A trader does not need to sit in front of the terminal all day. He just analyzes the market situation and independently looks for profitable positions.

2. No need for trading knowledge- A trader does not need to delve into the nuances of working in the market; all that is required of him is to choose a strategy and hope that its author is more experienced in this matter and can make profitable trades.

3. Opportunity to learn- The best way to learn anything is to watch a professional at work. By connecting to the trading signals of an experienced trader, beginners can see the trading process and note various nuances for themselves.

4. Passive income- If you choose the right strategy, calculate all the risks, set the appropriate settings, and find a trusted trader, copy trading can become a source of passive income without the need to take any action yourself.

5. Ability to control losses- When results are not what you expected, turn your attention to other traders.


Now, you have a basic idea about Forex copy treading. This is a rather ambiguous scheme for passively earning money, which works for some, but only takes money away from others. Therefore, consider the above points and understand whether Forex Copy Trading South Africa meets your views and expectations.